Vitra offers advanced technologies focused on high standards of consumer comfort and hygiene. The integration of modern technologies in plumbing fixtures improves the quality of hygiene and makes them easy to keep clean. All this raises the consumer’s attitude towards the purchase and changes the behavior towards hygiene.

VitrA Rim-ex

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  • Rim-Ex toilets without edges.
  • Circular flushing.
  • 95% more hygiene.
  • No hard to reach places.
  • Great choice in design.

VitrA V-Care

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  • Advanced personal hygiene system, from VitrA.
  • Easy to harvest antimicrobial ceramic coating.
  • Remotely controlled toilet.
  • Self-cleaning bidet nozzle
  • Automatic cover opening and closing.
  • Water temperature regulation.
  • Different washing functions.
  • Drying and odor absorption functions.

VitrA –Fresh

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  • Maximum hygiene and pleasant aroma.
  • Integrated tank for hygiene.
  • Extra cleaning on each wash.
  • Choice in different models.

VitrA Hygien

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  • Health benefits.
  • 99.9% less bacteria.
  • Antibacterial surface forever.
  • Scientifically proven action.
  • VitrA hygiene in Arkitekt Color and pool tiles as well.

VitrA Clean

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  • Surface with special covering
  • Easy removal of dirt and water.
  • Constantly clean.
  • Small quantity of product, for hygiene care.
  • Ideal for residential and commercial environments.

VitrA Bright - coating technology

V Bright
  • The highest quality brass.
  • Corrosion resistant light chrome.
  • High durability and anti-scratch VitrA PVD technology.
  • In the case of matte - double layer coating technology.

V-SuperFix - easy installation

  • Easy installation on the washbasin.
  • 15-second mixer installation.
  • Just by hand, no tools required to install on the washbasin