100% recycled ceramic products from VitrA


100% Recycled Ceramics - Introducing a campaign designed to promote sustainable living and environmental awareness. It is not only a beautiful sink - but a symbol of how much VitrA cares about our planet. Created by VitrA, this line is the world's first basin series made entirely from recycled ceramics.

Inspired by the cycles of nature

The campaign takes inspiration from the cycles that occur constantly in our nature: the changing of the seasons, the never-ending flow of water, and even the circle of life itself. And recycling is similar to these natural processes - it gives new life to old things.


Advantages of VitrA Recycled Ceramic washbasin

• Better for the environment: VitrA's recycled ceramic product reduces the environmental impact of global warming by 30% per product.
• Lasts longer: Eco-friendly basins give new life to recyclable materials and offer a long-lasting product that minimizes waste.

repurposing discarded waste materials into a recycled ceramic washbasin 6

This campaign reflects VitrA Georgia's vision of a future where people and nature live in harmony. A washbasin made of 100% recycled material is not just a product, it is the real aspiration of this vision.

Experience the future of eco-friendly bathroom with VitrA Georgia.

VitrA takes into account the environment at every stage of the production process, trying to minimize the impact on nature as much as possible and promote sustainable development and life, which starts from the home of each one of us.